Meet StudentCount

A social platform to connect online teachers and students, created by leaders in online teaching.

Student Count was created to connect online teachers with their past and present students. In the world of multi-platform online teaching, it is easy to lose the teacher-student connection, which we believe in vital to the success of any educational relationship.

With Student Count, teachers can count their students and keep track of class sessions, while students can find their teachers and learn of their unique student # for their given teacher!

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Quick-Start Guide

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For Both Teachers and Students

1. Register for a StudentCount account, or sign in with an existing Google account. If you register a non-Google account, please verify your email address. Note that the verification email may take up to 5 minutes to send.

register account

For Teachers

2. Log in, and navigate to the "Add Class" section. Then, fill out the class information, and click "Add Class".

teacher add class

3. After adding a session, you can see it pop up under your sessions, and your student count will increase accordingly!

teacher student count

For Students

2. Log in, and search for your teacher. Click on the teacher, select the session(s) you attended, and click "submit".

teacher search

3. Now you can view your student number and print out/email your certificate!

student dashboard